Purim spiels

Esther: A persian musical

A hilarious and timely parody of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton." Features parodies of your favorite "Hamilton" songs including "Helpless," "Alexander Hamilton," "History Has Its Eyes on You," and "Ten Duel Commandments." 

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totally rad '80s spiel

Get into the Purim spirit by heading waaay back to the '80s! This totally rad Purim spiel parodies your favorite '80s hits like "Thriller," "Like a Virgin," and "Little Red Corvette." 

Grab a scrunchie, a koosh ball, and a can of Tab and get ready for Purim! 

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esther's '80s prom

Take a new and unique approach to your Purim celebration with an immersive retelling of the Book of Esther in the style of a John Hughes film! Your guests will attend the 1986 Shushan High School Prom while scenes are acted out in between your favorite '80s songs. 

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your custom spiel

Have you always wanted a specific spiel theme for your community but no one's written it yet? 

You pick the theme, the songs, and set the requirements! 


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