Choose your own adventure spiel

Choose Your Own Adventure Spiel is a hilarious, non-musical spiel that brings the audience into the action! In the spirit of the classic kids’ book series, in almost every scene the audience gets to pick which of several endings the cast will perform. While the plot of the story can’t change, there is an opportunity to explore the motivations and meaning behind the characters’ choices.

In most of the scenes, the action stops in the middle and the narrator poses the various possible endings to the audience, who choose which ending they want to see. All endings are fully written out, no improvisation required!

Included in the digital package, you'll receive:

  • A full script, complete with alternate endings;

  • A professionally-designed poster in PDF format;

  • Suggested megillah readings between each scene;

  • A powerpoint to show the audience the different scene choices;

  • A license for unlimited copies of the script. (One license per organization per production, please.)

wait, Why are there two versions in your store?

Choose Your Own Adventure Spiel comes in two versions, one that is family-friendly and one that is for adults only. Both are faithful to the text and feature multiple endings for many of the scenes in the spiel. The Adults Only Edition contains suggestive content drawn straight from the Bible.

How many characters are in the show?

Choose Your Own Adventure Spiel features 8 speaking roles and room for many non-speaking characters.

is there music? we want a musical spiel!

Choose Your Own Adventure Spiel is a non-musical spiel. If you want a musical spiel, please feel free to check out any of my other fun musical packages!

sounds great! How do I buy it?

Click here to head to the Purim Spiel Store. Like all the spiels on my site, purchasing Choose Your Own Adventure Spiel is simple, fast and 100% digital. The website accepts all major credit cards and the confirmation email will include a link to download a ZIP file with all of the materials. Within minutes, you will be downloading the posters, powerpoint, and PDF scripts in one convenient digital package.